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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve our contributions to various charities. We are a registered 501 c(3) non profit organization. We take our registration with the government very seriously and follow all guidelines set forth by the IRS

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Who we are


We are Military Veterans and Citizens who seek to find a way to serve or continue to 

serve our country. “We do our best to give 

back to those in need and those who have served or 

who are still serving this country protecting its freedom”

Our History

We became a family of motorcycle riders when all was lost and supported each other 

through the darkness. Therefore, family is what 

we are all about. We are dedicated to helping 

other charitable organizations in fundraising and awareness. We ride as a family to aid in 

building relationships in our communities. 

We will be a positive influence in our communities. We continue to build on

this purpose 

by our involvements with numerous community and charitable events. Not one individual is 

greater or more important than the family. Individual agendas are not welcome and will not be 

tolerated. The focus is and must remain on the family not the individual. 

Group Purpose


Our primary goal in becoming a Non


profit Motorcycle Group is to develop a bond 

between with our Country, Communities and Families and assist in charity work. 


Region breakdown as per Fema.

American Patriots MG on Facebook

Come visit us on our Facebook page and join the family. Our Facebook National page is open to most. Learn about us and decide for yourself if you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. We are III% group.

American Patriots MG Facebook page

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