Region I

                   Region I consist of the following states, CT, RI, VT, NH, ME, and RI

About Us




My name is Chuck Spalding, Road name: Dirty White Boy, I am one of the First 5 Founders, National (Region I) President. I am 40 years old, very much in love with Erika Sparks-Martel. I like to have a good time no matter where I am and always have a smile and a kind word for those who may need it. I work as a crane operator. I love to ride and combining that love with supporting my fellow Veterans and those less fortunate brings me happiness.

Vice President



My name is David Keene, Road name: Chief, I am one of the First 5 Founders, National (Region I) Vise President. I am a Father, Brother, and Son. My arms, ears and doors are always open to all who need me. I am a retired mechanic and builder and enjoy fixing the next project I find. I love my country, family and riding. I live in Hillsboro, NH and have two beautiful children. Giving back to those who have served and those in need is a must. Love, Loyalty, Honor and Respect before all else.

Sgt. At Arms




My name is Josh Wilson, Road name: Grizz, I am the Region I Road Captain. I am a hard worker, drive a truck for a local auto parts company. I am 43 years old, I love to ride and spend time with my friends and family. I work hard and play harder. However, you will not find someone more serious about their position when it is my responsibility to keep my family safe during a ride. Being able to combine what I love riding with giving back is awesome. MLLH & R, FFFF. 



My name is George Johnson Jr., Road name: One Shot, I am one of the First 5 Founders and the National (Region I) Enforcer. My National (Region I) family calls me “Quiet Man” because I can sit back hear all sides and keep a neutral mind. I also only speak when it is important or when I have something to say.  I love to hunt, fish, and shoot. You will find me in woods or on my motorcycle if I am not working.





 My name is Erika Sparks-Martel



Road Captain