Survivors Corner by RiffRaff



Hello family, fellow American Patriots, III%’ers and defenders of the Constitution. I have been challenged with bringing to the group a series of articles related to survival, emergency preparedness, self and family defense. I will start this process with a little introduction about myself. I was born in Tennessee and although lived in the city of memphis for my first few years, the majority of my upbringing occured in a small town. With miles of woods, and pristine and untouched fishing lakes surrounding my family home, I grew up in the outdoors. From an early age, I would disappear into the woods and would not come home until the next day, spending the night in the solitary beauty of Gods landscape. Carrying no supplies with me but a fishing pole and flint and steel, I would scavenge for bait, catch fish, prepare a shelter, gather water and start a fire to boil water and cook my meals. There is a reason they call it “fishing” and not “catching”, as often there were no fish to be caught. I was then relegated to eating the bait that I had found. For a young boy of 9 or 10 years old, this bait mostly consisted of earthworms, grubs, crickets, frogs and lizards. I learned in my youth that the nights can get cold in Tn, and I would need to protect myself from the elements; the wind, the cold, the falling rain, and even from the heat of the summer. Sometimes, I would make camp far away from my little fishing ponds, and would have to find water in the environment I had chosen. As I grew, I became a Boy Scout. Now this was back in the day before they let girls into the boy scouts, before the time when you had to be “sensitive” to so much bullshit, and when the boys were treated like, and expected to behave like men. My ScoutMaster was ex Army Ranger, and my Assistant ScoutMaster was an ex Navy Seal and active Mercenary. You can imagine my delight when we, as small patrols of about 8 boys, planned and executed raids on other scout troops to take their food and supplies, and steal their flag. We were taught to conceal ourselves, the art of stealth, how to move in groups and work as a team. As a young boy, these life lessons were ingrained in me and I eventually became an Eagle Scout and a member of the Leadership Corps, where I, in turn, taught younger boys these valuable lessons that I had learned, including my love for my country and the freedoms that many have fought and died to ensure for us as Americans.


My family is also all farmers and I spent many summers on the family farm where I learned to hunt, trap, be self reliant, fight, and the importance of having plenty of food to last until the harvest came and you got paid. I learned to not waste bullets, and how to reload my own ammo. I was taught how to build traps for animals, and often had to get these wounded and crazed animals out of these traps by any means necessary. I learned to hunt hogs with spears and knives instead of guns, because it was cheaper. We would can meat and vegetables for long term storage, and would always ensure at least 6 months of food was readily available at all times. If we needed meat, we would kill it. If farm implements were broken, we would improvise, but most importantly, everyone had a job, and the success of the farm and of daily existence was dependant on everyone KNOWING their job, and DOING it! 

As I grew older, I held onto my love of camping, and the outdoors, and the freedom that comes from knowing that no matter what, I have the skills and knowledge to keep myself alive. I started a journey of hiking the Appalachian trail. Not start to finish at one time, but rather a few trips a year to start where I had left off. With nothing but my backpack with a few clothes, my flint and steel, knife, emergency blanket, and a few other essentials, I lived off the land entirely during this time. I ate whatever I had to, traveled light, and slept on the ground. When I got cuts that needed stitches, I would sew myself up, and cauterize my own wounds. As a late teen and into my early thirties, I honed these skills over a long period of time and had gained the confidence of being 100% self reliant. During this time, I also took up competitive long range rifle shooting. I worked for some time as a range officer at a pistol range and further honed my skills there. I took Krav Maga self defense tactics classes and hand to hand knife combat skills training. 

Today I am a prepper, a firearms fenatic, a III% militaman, and an American Patriot to my core. This great country, and our U.S Constitution will be defended, as will my family, with gnashing teeth and claws if that what it takes. Those who know me know my tenacity for the things that I am passionate about. There is no length to which I will not go, and nothing I will not suffer and endure, to see that my family and my country are kept safe and secure on my watch, until my last drop of blood or my final breath, whicher comes first.

I look forward in the future to share some of this knowledge I have picked up over the years. As a III% group, it is imperative that we all have the skills and mental fortitude to do what must be done when and if the time arises, which seems to be upon us already. To train, to persevere, and to survive to continue the heritage of this great nation, and the legacy of the founding fathers, and most of all, to preserve our freedoms as American Patriots.